Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – “the world is one family”


Thank you for your interest in our products! Quality appreciative people, like you, is what keeps us motivated in our goal of giving you the best.

When we prepare the spice blends, there are few practices that are “etched” in our minds such as –
1. cleaned, sorted and graded ingredients: our raw material should be thoroughly cleaned and FREE from any extraneous matter such as stones, non-edible particles, particles not belonging to that respective raw material, macro-organisms, etc.
2. sorted chilli: to take care that any fungus infected chilli are thrown out, and that stems are removed from the chillis used and are discarded appropriately. Using stemless chillis gives a smooth flavour to our spice blends.
3. hygiene in roasting, grinding, packing: that we follow best hygiene practices and cover ourselves sufficiently while in the process.
4. no burning of spices: that the spices are roasted carefully to not let go their natural aroma and taste but the moisture.
5. taste before final packing: we taste/try each of our spice blend to maintain a consistent flavour.

These practices help us in providing a flavoursome experience to our customers, and beyond. This makes our spices blends premium than the regular ones available in the market.

Some say that our spice blends are a bit” expensive than other similar names available in the market. My request to such people is to read the labels or read more about our spice blends and their overall features on our website. Ask yourself some questions –

  • How many spice blends, that you may have come across, are with STEMLESS chillis?
  • How much masala do you use from your regular blend? Is it a tablespoon, a teaspoon or quarter tsp? Is it strong enough to be used in small quantities?
  • What oil is it roasted in?
  • Does it have the ingredients listed and source? How many are the premium and expensive spices used?
  • Does it display allergy information anywhere on the packet or their website for that product?
  • Does it contain any artificial flavours, colours and preservatives?
  • Does it have any artificial taste enhancers?, etc.

Read the labels, thoroughly, please. Make smart, nutritional choices for yourself and your family. Not just limited to spice blends but overall food that you eat. Although Indian spices have loads of published and some proven health benefits, they are at their best when used in small quantities only – as a taste-maker.

As a parent to two loving daughters, I naturally tend to buy healthier food items for them – natural and without any adulterants. Since childhood I could remember two Sanskrit words that my Mom used to tell me, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – “the world is one family”.  Before starting Veerappa, I had a question for myself – What if we could give the same masala/spice blend quality to the rest of the World, as I would expect my daughters & my family to eat? Finally it became my pledge, and those two great Sanskrit words the very foundation of Veerappa Food & Spices when it started.

We have One World One Grade of all our spice blends, whether you buy it from India or overseas. Hope you like our spice blends and help us by spreading the kind words!

 – Gaurav Mendse (partner)


5 comments on “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – “the world is one family””

  1. Lovely written and it’s absolutely correct information , the cheap spices only provide the adulterants and spurious material . Highly appreciate your work and venture

  2. Very nicely written and clear information. All the best for Veerappa Food and wishing for the fastest growth all over the world. 👍🤘✌️💐💐💐.

  3. Very well briefed about the product.
    Bought the product and used it.
    Amazing home made taste.
    Keep the good work on.
    I would love to hear from you and get good taste from you.

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